The Ivy Pendant

Ivy is my thing.  I love the way it looks, love the way it grows, and I love incorporating it into my jewelry.  It is tattooed on my ankle after all!  I sat down with a model maker to create a wax model of an ivy leaf.  He took my sketch and literally pulled exactly what I wanted out of my head.  I don’t have many castings, but this is a fun start for me.  This piece includes a peridot drop and a peacock pearl for accents.

DSC_1239 DSC_1241


The Isabella Necklace

I’ve spent the last few days at the workbench, finally having some time to myself!  I decided to make the Isabella Necklace with a piece of labradorite in the center.  Isabella is my niece, and spent many years with a love for fairies.  I named this design after her because it looks a bit like fairy wings.  Hand fabricated with sterling silver wire.


The Juliana Necklace

I designed this when I was 16, happily playing with silver wire while watching a movie.  Not everything requires fire and hammers.  I’ve done several versions of this with a variety of gemstones, but pearls are my favorite.  A little classic elegance melding with a modern design.  Named after my mother since she was the first to have one 🙂


Amethyst and Gold

Not to get all Magneto on you, but I really enjoy manipulating metal.  The silver end on this ring was formed when I held the wire tip down under a torch flame until it balled up.  I then hammered the ball until it was flat, and sanded it down to a smooth, silky finish.  Silky may be an odd word to describe metal, but that’s how I feel about it right when I’m done polishing.  The gold is recycled from an ugly ring, melted into this ball, decorated with a small yet sparkly amethyst.


Sapphires and Color

I’ve been a part of the NYC jewelry industry for several years now and while I don’t feel the need to own particularly high end pieces, I do love the gemstone education the experience has given me.  For example, look how many different colors sapphires come in…I love the way these colors look together, and would rather have a set like this framed on the wall than wear them.


Speaking of sapphires, check out what can be done with a rainbow of them in jewelry form.  This piece is heavy…over 300 carats of sapphires and diamonds!


Gemstone Healing Powers

I love gemstones…the colors, the different ways they reflect light…and sometimes, they make their wishes known.  I made this for a friend yesterday, and I was originally going to go in a completely different direction.  When I opened my drawer, this main amethyst jumped out at me and the original plan was scrapped.  I thought about this person, and the remaining gemstones filled my head, down to the actual stone, not just the type of stone.


Gemstone healing properties for this necklace, according to research.

Amethyst (purple) functions as a tool for spiritual growth, breaking bad habits, overcoming addictions, and achieving balance.

Moonstones (white) are one of my favorite gemstones. They have such a wonderfully gentle energy and help deflect negativity and clear out old emotional trauma. Out with the old, in with the new!

Chalcedony (aqua) is a wonderful feel-good stone which helps with emotional balance.

Tsavorite (green) garnet is a powerful stones to motivate! They will help you on your best path to achievement and prosperity.

Ocean Swirl Bracelet

This bracelet was first created in my head while sitting in front of the ocean.  I made it by soldering wire together to form the waves, then added two pieces of aquamarine and chain. I like to read about gemstones, and what their healing properties are.  Aquamarine is found to clear emotional baggage and help with self realization.