Peridot and Gold

I like to work with gold, when I can.  More often than not, it involves me melting down something broken (or hideous) and incorporating it with silver.  I added a little 3mm peridot, burnish set, directly into the gold.




Hi…I’m Liz!  I like playing with fire.  And sharp things.  To clarify, I’ve been making jewelry since I was 15…ok, technically 6 if you count beads, but I consider the beginning when I started working with metal.

My day job is in the diamond biz…but my true love is getting to be creative and work with my hands.  It may sound weird to say I find fire, drills, saws, sandpaper, and hammers relaxing, but I absolutely do!

Starting off this blog with this piece…a simple design in sterling silver, using blue topaz and labradorite.  I soldered the silver rings together and wired on the beads and chain.