My Moonstone

I hadn’t made anything for myself in ages.  Sure, I have free run of my inventory, but there’s a difference when I make something for just for me.  This is a rainbow flash moonstone, which I absolutely love.  A subtle, gentle stone.  Something inside me woke up and this is what came of that.  The last time I was drawn to make a particular piece for a dear friend, I used the exact same type of moonstone, from the same source…how I love the mystery that are gemstones…




I’m feeling pretty good, back up and running on the jewelry front.  I made something for me, which I haven’t done in a long time.  Pics of that to come, in the meantime, here’s what’s available now!  Shop Link

Amethyst Drops

I wanted to make some simple yet stylish earrings, and drops are always good for that.  I love the deep, rich purple in these gorgeous amethysts!  It’s a February birthstone, and I can make these with a variety of colors and gems…

DSC_7113 (1)

Ivy Leaf Slave Bracelet

I originally designed this leaf for pendants, but as I lay it across my hand, I decided to have a little fun with it.  I made a slender bracelet which slips through the loop in the leaf and a classic slave bracelet ring which attaches with a lobster claw clasp.  I often add pearls into sexier pieces, for both the irony and the balance.  Why not go a little sexier?  You can check this piece out here:  Ivy Slave Bracelet

Spiral Amethyst Necklace

Talk about a labor of love!  This necklace is completely hand-woven with sterling silver wire.  About 20 feet and hours later, here’s an Egyptian style chain with a large, faceted amethyst.


Hammered Wave Necklace

This piece is hand fabricated using leftover wire from other necklaces.  Silver is pricy, so I definitely try not to waste any!  This is a study on mixing textures, hammered and high polished.  The beads are onyx and labradorite.


Lovers Ring

I’ve worked many years with engagement rings, and decided to create something for those in love but not planning to do the marriage thing.  I used a pink sapphire set in gold on swirls of sterling silver.